Schwinn Prelude

Schwinn Prelude is a good bike for keeping yourself fit and also as a commuter. The manufacturer of the bike is Schwinn which has been making a lot of quality bikes and has been in the market for around fifty years. However, the bike only comes in one size of which is fifty five centimeters.Schwinn Prelude is a simple bike for anyone who would wish to begin the cycling experience and getting the fun of it.


Assembling of the Schwinn Prelude is easy provided one will follow the instructions as required by him or her. After assembling, one should ensure that the bike gears are okay and that the tires are filled with enough air. Moreover, one could choose to take it to the bike shop to confirm that everything is okay. If not, contacting the customer care would be the best thing to do so that they may help with the situation in hand. If the problem is really bad, they may choose to give you another bike.

Schwinn Prelude

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Though the Schwinn Prelude is a much heavy bike compared to many others, it is very durable. The bike weighs around forty pounds of which it doubles most bikes which are around twenty pounds.Schwinn Prelude has a 14 speed Shimano drivetrain which is fitted with A050 shifters to help the rider maintain a high pace. Pedals increase efficiency when cycling and that it is easy to have full control of the bike.


Schwinn Prelude has 700c set of wheels and also a comfortable Schwinn saddle for a rider to use. The bike has Alloy dual brakes which give a strong grip when applied by one.However,one would have to replace them after noticing that they have become less efficient and buy others which are of good quality. The bike also has a Schwinn road fork which helps the rider get a sweet ride.Schwinn Prelude comes in two colours of which are silver and white and thus one would choose during its purchase. Moreover, the bike has graphics to add to it making it very smart and attractive when spotted.Schwinn Prelude has an aluminum frame of which is medium sized.After a while, the owner can also choose to upgrade it and also considering making the bike lighter than it is. He or she would have accomplished something major for him or herself.


Schwinn Prelude is a cheap bike and one which is good to begin with. Being also fast, it can be used for competing though it is not as good as it competitors when it comes to that particular area.Schwinn Prelude has also received higher rating of about four stars thus for sure one will not be disappointed when purchasing it especially when you are broke. The bike costs around two hundred and fifty dollars or even lesser compared to other bikes which cost even five hundred dollars.The bike is available in Amazon, Walmart and Wayfair when it comes to getting the current models which are in the market. Moreover one may consider also EBay when looking for other Schwinn older models especially those which were made by the manufacturer years ago.

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