Kestrel Legend Shimano 105 Bike 2015

For anyone who pays much interest on technology and evolutions in the cycling industry, you can second the fact that Kestrel is renowned as the first trademark to ever produce a carbon-framed road bicycle. This is well traced back in 1986 when Kestrel engineers came up with the first bladder-molded monocoque carbon frame, an outstanding leap forward from carbon fiber tube sets that in essence simulated conventional steel frameset building. Kestrel has continued to warm its way into the hearts of many cyclists with their production of resilient frames with unparalleled ride qualities and now they are back with a lightweight ride that combines all the benefits of carbon fiber with none of the cons, the Kestrel Legend Shimano 105 Bicycle.

About Kestrel Legend Shimano 105 Bicycle.

It is currently one of the top rated bicycles on the market in terms of quality and pricing. It features some of the great and expensive components that work together to make it that bike that everyone wishes to have for any cycling experience. The Kestrel Legend Shimano 105 offers inflexible performance with its top technology which is known to reflect Kestrel heritage.

Kestrel Legend

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As a matter of fact, the Kestrel Legend Shimano 105 has been highly honoredfor the high modulus carbon fiber and sleek, edgy design that has seen become an award winning design. At the amazon online shopping site, Kestrel description reads “Our new Kestrel Legend offers uncompromising performance with class-leading technology. A brand-new carbon design and lay-up, along with our Kestrel EMS fork, stays and frame shape provide a flawless riding quality and instant acceleration. The Legend is stiff providing exceptional power to the pedals, yet compliant to absorb and glide over any bumps in the road. Available in both SL and non-SL frames, look for the new Kestrel Legend at the front of the pack”. A clear picture that it is the state-of-the art road bike you need for 2015 and for the future.

The Tech.

  • Kestrel Legend 105 is equipped with Shimano components such as the Shimano 105 11-speed, Shimano 105 STI shifter and derailleurs which are included to enhance the power of the workhorse (the 520 Alloy 52/36T compact cranksets) and reliability (through providing an accurate and strong shifting) respectively.
  • It has the Tektro dual-pivot brakes which are very essential when you need to increase the bikes speed since the brakes help in modulating the speed predictably and safely.
  • It boasts the race designed geometry, which come with incredible weight to stiffness ratio making all the features to work in favor of the cyclist, hence giving a lively and resilient feeling.
  • Its blend off 700k and 800k high modulus carbon fiber is worth mentions since it a great feature that enhance the Kestrel Legend 105 frame’s stiffness, not forgetting the Dual-tapered shaping on the lower tube and exclusive tapered head upper tube which enhances the pedals power and enhances stability (by increasing torsional stiffness and saving weight) respectively.
  • It also features H-stays and a Kestrel EMS fork which improves lateral stiffness besides providing comfort and compliance.

With these great features, the Kestrel Legend 105 is well-known to be durable, light nut sturdy, low priced when compared to other bikes in its league and easy to assemble thanks to fact that it come 98 percent assembled. This makes it performance excellent with a superior design that never disappoints.

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