Vilano Shadow Road Bike

Vilano Shadow Road Bike

When one considers buying a bike, there are certain aspects that come In hand as well. Some of these aspects are the price of the bike, the performance, the affordability and the maintenance cost. Moreover, one can also need a bike when he wants to keep himself fit by riding it for various miles or use it to go to his or her workplace. This is the point vilano shadow road bike comes in especially people who are new in terms of cycling. Vilano shadow road bike is though a cheap bike but of high quality.

On arrival

Vllano shadow road bike comes in a box after which the owner needs to assemble it. One purchases the bike from Amazon and awaits its delivery. One can choose also to have a helmet and a u-lock which are essential items for the bicycle. It is actually not difficult to assemble the bike as it can take one twenty to thirty minutes to do so. The Vilano shadow road bike needs to be pumped according to the manufacturer’s instructions which is 110 thus one should use a pump which has a gauge. The bike then has to be taken to the bike shop for the gears to be tune up as this is what is required with most online purchased bikes


After one is from the bike shop, he or she will realize that this bike is a sweet ride with an average speed of 17MPH. It is also very light and thus makes it easy to ride it o difficult terrain of which it might be riding it in a hilly place. One can carry the bike along with his or her car with less worries. The brakes and shifters are always fine and that it gives one a more satisfying impression.


The bike comes in different colours. The colour of the Vilano Shadow Road Bike can be either white or black. However, one may consider to change the pedals of the bike with time to get others with a better quality. The Vilano Shadow road bike weighs only twenty three pounds. The size of the frame differs also as the smallest can be fifty centimeters while the largest around sixty centimeters. The medium size is fifty four to fifty five centimeters.


The Vilano Shadow Road Bike is a quality bike yet cheap and that it quickly ‘wins your heart’ after purchase. Moreover one can take a step forward to upgrade it and make it an even better one. It might not have the more awesome features like the other expensive bikes we come across but it is one hell of a bike and you can give it a trial. The bike can be found on Amazon or eBay after which it is delivered to you within eight to ten hours. It costs around three hundred and fifty dollars and is good especially for beginners being those who want to join into the fun cycling experience. The Vilano Shadow Road Bike is indeed one of the best.

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