Schwinn Phocus 1400

schwinn phocus 1400

Like most Schwinn bikes, Schwinn Phocus 1400 Is a great bike for workout and also taking out simple rides. The bike is a model from schwinn which are the manufacturers of all Schwinn bikes and that has been producing quality bikes for years. Schwinn Phocus 1400 is no doubt of it as it is one of a kind by being special in its own way.


Assembling of the bike is not a hard thing as one can take even take twenty minutes to do so by him or herself. This is because most online bikes are not delivered as a whole and that with the right equipment the owner can manage. Afterwards, one should ensure that everything is perfect especially the gears which should be tuned up. Moreover, the owner of the bike should even decide to take it for a ride so that he or she will be able to notice anything which is unusual and have it rectified.


Like the Schwinn Phocus 1600, the Schwinn Phocus 1400 has 14 speed drivetrain being full shimano. The bike weighs around thirty five pounds which is fair in terms of its weight when it comes to comparing with other bikes. The rider will not have to use a lot of effort when it comes to controlling the bike especially on difficult terrain.The brakes of Schwinn Phocus 1400 are efficient as they are Alloy road brakes giving the bike a good breaking system.


The saddle of the Schwinn Phocus 1400 is very comfortable and easy when it comes to adjusting it. The bike has A050 shifters to enable the rider shift gears with ease. The bike has fourteen gear settings in accordance to the speed required at a particular point. The frame of the Schwinn Phocus 1400 is an Aluminum frame which is rigid and its size is fifty eight centimeters. The bike has an adjustable handlebar to be able to suit one’s favorable body posture and that it gives support to the rider of the bike as he gets a good grip from it. The Schwinn Phocus 1400 has alloy rims which are strong and light followed by good wheels. One could also go ahead and upgrade the bike by looking around for the best items and incorporating it in his or her bike. He or she could change the pedals, wheels and even the brakes depending on what will please him or her.


Schwinn Phocus 1400 is a great and affordable bike with good features which comes with it. The bike cost ranges from two hundred and fifty dollars to three hundred dollars. The bike is available in many online shopping sites some of which are Amazon, Walmart and Wayfair and that they come with favorable deals. A buyer can choose to purchase a helmet, water bottle and a U-lock for security of the bike when purchasing Schwinn Phocus 1400.Schwinn has produced so many quality bikes and so when purchasing them one has to make a quick research by looking in the internet and by asking friends. This will help in getting the right one and avoiding disappointment.

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